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Pur-Fresh by Bloodhound

The last Home Fragrance System you will ever use

The last home fragrance system you will ever use

Why use our Home Odyssey System?

Why not have your own spa feeling when walking into your home, remember scent makes our mind associate with memories, whether good or bad. This is a well known fact and has been used in many variations.

Below is variations of how scent influences your feelings

  • Stress Relief & Calming - (Lavender Oak Apple, White Tea, Sugar Plum, and Vanilla Kreme). A relaxed person will be more open minded and feel comfortable staying longer.
  • Energizing Scents- (Coconut Lemongrass, Island Breeze, Ocean Breeze, Fresh Breeze, Green Tea). These scents will leave you feeling recharged, and fresh.
  • Comfort Scents - (Home sweet Home, Egyptian Musk). These standard aromas are warm and inviting and will make your guests feel comfortable and at home.

There are many benefits of using the Home Odyssey Systems

-candles have a burn time of 72hrs, depending on size. They have to be watched over and monitored so as not to create a fire hazard.

-Metered sprays, cans claim to last 30 days depending on frequency of sprays. Have to worry that the spray doesn't spray in guest face or onto their hair.

-Warm wax melters, these look nice but have the possibility of warm wax spilt onto floors or worse children playing with it and burning themselves.

-Plug ins directly into the wall, possibilities of oil leaking out, no built-in fan to move the fragrance.

Home Odyssey Systems create a pleasant, constant signature scent that both you and your guest will enjoy. Our systems come in three great colours, allowing to blend into any d├ęcor. You dictate the strength of scent you would like by adding our premium wafers. The choice of units allow for any of our clients to choose a system that works for them and their environment. Lastly using the Pur-Fresh Home Odyssey Systems is simple, order your unit and pick a signature scent you would like.

Its that simple