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Pur-Fresh by Bloodhound

The last Home Fragrance System you will ever use

You've spent precious time and money making your home away from home a beautiful place, yet whenever you show up for the weekend it seems to have a stale odour. Your company shows up and you find yourself running through and spraying with aerosols, lighting every candle you can find, or plugging in every wax warmer you can find.

A wonderful product would be to use our Odyssey system, this uses a wafer that will last 30 days and at times longer. The great advantage is you control the strength of fragrance by adding more wafers for a stronger scent. As well, with over 13 fragrances to choose from, you have plenty of options.  

In your cottage the plug in Odyssey is an amazing system, it plugs in and uses a larger fan in the system, it covers an area up to 1100 sq./ft., and this is a great system and is used in many homes without fear of a fire hazard or spillage of wax. In a boat, trailer or RV the smells can be a little unpleasant at times, and with such a small area unpleasant odours linger and make our retreat a little uninviting. In this application I highly recommended the battery Odyssey System, this product works on a D-cell battery and covers up to 400 sq./ft., so plenty of coverage for smaller areas or upstairs of a home, or cottage. Again this system uses our wafers and can be varied to hold up to 4(four) wafers.

Lastly, just recently introduced, we brought in the Nauti-mate, this addition of our passive system can be used in the head of a boat, trailer or RV. The system holds 2(two) wafers and will last up to 60(sixty) days, the best use of this system is in area where not much activity happens and it is closed off from other areas. Laundry room , basements, closets or bathrooms are sure to benefit using this product.

Our systems are proven to work, and last 30(thirty) days, most of all, the systems are very maintenance free. Put your wafer in and enjoy a wonderful scent, add up to 4 (wafers) for the strongest results.