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Pur-Fresh Home Odysey System Plug in version


Our top seller, this system covers between 1200-1500 sq./ft. Will hold up to 4 wafers, but start with 1-2 wafers and add wafers as needed. Fragrances are Fresh Breeze, Green Tea Lemongrass, White Tea, Green Tea, Coconut Lemongrass, Egyptian Musk, Ocean Breeze, Lavender Apples and Oak, Vanilla Kreme, Berry Blast, Golden Mango, Island Breeze, Grapefruit, Linen, Orange Frosty, Freesia, Tropicana, Lambrusco, Fall and Holiday Fragrances are limited, Gingerbread, Warm and Nutty, Winter Fir and Balsam, and Sugerplum. These units come in 3 colours white, black, grey.

Please state colour for unit, as well choose fragrance for wafer included. Please include a contact number as fragrances run out at times and we would like to contact you for instructions. If referred by a freind please state who.

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