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Pur-Fresh by Bloodhound

The last Home Fragrance System you will ever use

After over 20 years of commercial service Bloodhound Odour Protection System is very proud to offer Pur-Fresh Home Odyssey Systems.

Working with our manufacturer we have come up with a system that is the best air freshener machine for homes, using a premium wafer.

We offer three(3) different systems, this allows our customers to choose the best system for their home. The best seller is the plug in Home Fragrance System, this unit will cover 1200-1500 sq./ft. and holds up to four(4) premium wafers. This system works for most homes and will last 4-5 weeks.

Our next system is a battery operated unit that has been an excellent seller for customers wanting the same great fragrance in their trailers, boats or a smaller room. This system has a smaller fan and uses a battery, providing excellent results but on a smaller scale covering up to 400 sq./ft.

The last system we have been working with is our Aroma Beam and it has provided great results with our clients wanting to establish their own signature scent, this has been acheived in offices, hotel lobbies, gymnasiums, halls and in larger homes. It is a plug in system that covers up to 5000 sq./ft. and can hold up to 10 wafers with an adjustable fan

You cannot beat the simplicity and effectiveness of these systems.